2015 Ferrari Sergio – Excitement For the Very Few

01-pininfarina-ferrari-sergio-geneva-2015-1Really ultra-exclusive Ferrari for the ultra-exclusive club with customers. In recent years they have clients with deep pockets enough to allow substantially to 1 of 1 Custom Ferrari right in accordance with their wishes. It offers delicious, as they have improved the Ferrari sales figures significantly and the company gave an increase in the required budget.

Let me Sergio Ferrari Concept Cars that you can buy to introduce. Well, most of you anyway. In fact, some of you are very generous word. Six of exactly and only if Ferrari sent the invitation. If you do not agree now, you will not. Every six invitations were sent and all six were received.

Sergio is a joint venture between Ferrari and Pininfarina old friend, and the result is amazing in every way. The style is unique, with the same lines rather unique V8 engine with 600 horsepower. Exclusivity The price of this is believed to be $ 3,000,000. There is no negotiation.

The first was sent to the UAE for customers, and was made by the new owner wants to ensure that every trip.

Sergio certainly amazing, and definitely to be very focused on the driver, as it says in a statement. “Open authentic explicitly emphasizes on track and enhances the feeling of sportiness, driving pleasure and fun designs on more purely”

I do not think that these cars will gather many miles, but we hope that the new owners will want very different events may we all have the opportunity, beauty and engineering that went into the latest creation Ferrari enjoy / Pininfarina it. Keep your camera ready, you never know where you pop up!

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