engine oil at the effects of fuel-efficient cars

indexThe type and quality of the engine oil can make a drastic change in the fuel consumption of your favorite car.

Here is a brief guide to help you choose the right oil for your vehicle.

There are many ways to improve the fuel economy of your vehicle while still driving and no acceleration suddenly inflate your car at the right pressure. You should also know that the car engine oil to help you achieve as an important factor of your personal car at no extra charge.

There are three types of oil available in the market:

a) Mineral oil

b) semi-synthetic oil

c) full synthetic oil

Usually normal mineral oil is oil that lubricates the engine, however, often requires a change. Semi-synthetic polymers minutes in it, which reduces engine wear, and also helps to protect the engine from cold damage and cold start. Fully synthetic oils engine power to increase the reduction of carbon enrichment and has a great ability to avoid getting cold.

Oil is right for me?

To select the proper oil for yourself, you should always see a car engine that brings oil recommended and do. In addition, your auto mechanic also suggest the best car condition based oil and driving.

For most buyers are fully synthetic, is best because it proved economical in the long term and does not require frequent changes such as mineral oil. Since it is made by adding additives to the base oil in special laboratories, they are capable of supplying power, long life of the motor and better efficiency.

However, there are factors that should be considered, such as:

1) Quality Oil

There are dozens of brands on the market, but the label on the container of oil, such as 5W30 they tell you that this type of oil can work in high and low temperatures. W tells you rank the winter and the second number is the summer to evaluate. Fully synthetic, it is winter especially.

2Likewise, the mark must also be reliable. Use select brand unknown.

2) high viscosity

thick or thin the oil is the most important thing. low viscosity oils work best and should be used in the car. thin oil which is best in cold conditions and changing the thickness when conditions become warmer. You can multi-grade oil goes, the more the polymer it had, which is only active when the oil heats up, unless they remain liquid oil.

3) Car maintenance interval

Always follow the oil change intervals diligent! This oil can only survive up to manufacturers to adapt. After that, he will kill the engine slowly. Do not take more use of oil planned; They may clog the engine can be improved.

So, always go for an oil change fall life of the engine to improve and help them perform at optimal levels.

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