Autonomy As The Cars Run

images (1)The technology of self-driving is stated to be added to a range of different vehicles instead of one. The vehicle should be free of collisions and thus produce victims from scratch every time you hit the road. Also aspire to make autonomous vehicle available at a realistic price for consumers, although did not specify what price are “affordable” will.

An autonomous car will have a vehicle tracking system 360 through the Safety Shield of development, leaving the car to be monitored at all angles. The vehicles will present two technologies released today.

Lines automatic centering and cruise control. Automatic lane change out of the road, stop at red lights, and slow or stop the vehicle overtaking will be a new feature in this vehicle. All this will be implemented without the involvement of the driver for this function is enabled. The sensor in the round also warn the driver of danger around it so that the driver can react.

The vehicle can also monitor traffic in and overtaking rotation, and side remote control (the last work to avoid obstacles and steer to avoid possible collisions). This technology also incorporates a car off the road was blocked and safe pulling into the path of another vehicle, even if there is no incoming traffic. The car can also monitor against theft and can park themselves when asked to do so. Only things that are incredible in the list that has some “trick” semi-long this vehicle can do and only promises to keep improving.

Until now, this vehicle has successfully (and safe) driving around a parked car, and during the interval of the traffic intersection. This technology consists of a laser scanner, a camera, advanced artificial intelligence and actuators that further extends the Safety Shield, help implement real-world scenarios so that the situation can be monitored and that the car will be “taught” as respond appropriately. Cars need to react in the same way a human pilot would, because these vehicles will go on the road with other human pilots, who may or may not drive the vehicle (1)

Although this machine has advanced technology, much remains to be done to ensure that these cars will be safe on the road when they come to the market to a dealer close by 2020. The advances include the ability to react to traffic lights and traffic signals, preventing starting lane for braking and traffic safety car. This technology will also have advanced enough to distinguish between what is and what is certainly not a danger to avoid incidents that could potentially put the driver or other vehicle in distress. But Chief Executive engine is confident they can get the technology they need to be at the end of this decade.

In 2020, the cars should be driving on a road, without the need for external data or mapping, which is what will make the car driver-less independent of the technology Google self-driving. This technology is also not limited to a particular vehicle with a particular infrastructure.

Technology, which is currently being tested in Japan, will soon be tested in ‘Test Case’, which should be completed in 2016. They are the reason that the plant will contain real buildings and real test architecture to really put this advanced technology to the test.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the future of autonomous cars!

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