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ford-to-expand-chennai-plant-set-up-global-engineering-technology-centreFord has set his sights on the way technology, it is estimated that the number of vehicles on the roads in order to grow from today 1-4000000000 mid-century.

Earlier this year, the president of Ford Motor Company Executive Bill Ford said at the Mobile World Congress audience that Ford calls “Blueprint for Mobility” society for the future of vehicle congestion by creating a communication through transmission network overall between vehicles, transport infrastructure and individual mobile devices.

Ford explained that any company or industry that the very problem of mobility to solve. And effectiveness of each plan depends on customer acceptance of new technologies.

Ford predicts: “If we do nothing, we face the prospect of” World congestion, traffic jams are endless waste of time, energy and resources, and even affect the flow of trade and health. “He continued:” The need for cooperation in the automotive and telecommunications industry is bigger than ever, we manage the preparation and the future we must develop new technologies and new ways of looking at the world.. “

With the rapid increase in vehicle technology, we can see that the telecommunications industry is the creation of a networked transportation system where cars are intelligent and can them and to communicate with the infrastructure around them very important. The proposal is that Ford now see the time for us, the vehicle on the road, like us, smartphones, laptops and tablets; as a result of a much larger network, richer.

download (9)“Blueprint for Mobility”, the company will find a solution to a problem that has become a reality worldwide in the expansion of the car market. In Sao Paulo, jams 100 miles long and passengers regularly exceed an average lasts 2-3 hours a day. However, the car is at an acquisition rate of 7.5 percent per year. In China, over longer periods of congestion world in 11 days in 2010 will be recorded.

The problem is not limited to emerging markets, either. For example, it is estimated that the cost of congestion to the economy in England through lost time will increase to about 35 billion US $ in 2025, in Germany, to defend the city of 300,000 people are expected in 1000 requires the Delivery trucks per day.

Solving the problem of urban mobility is a major challenge, which will be effective only if cooperation between the government, the development of industry and infrastructure come together globally.

Ford has said the company will be a model in the short, medium and long term to a significant reduction of the environmental impact of the company.

Over the next 5-7 years, Ford expects the forefront in the development of intuitive options in car communication interface and an active congestion alert drivers and mobile driver accidents. You have found success with this technology in the UK and Germany.

Long-term plan in the near future is the best connected, to make it safer and more efficient driving experience with autonomic functions limited for parking and driving in the movement of the slow traffic available – to build the existing features, there including Ford Active Park Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Active City Stop, many Ford vehicles already have the core technology, and some can even be “upgraded”, a way to move the driver through traffic congestion in safer and efficient driving basically on autopilot.

In five to ten years into the future, Ford is a semi-autonomous driving technology, including “autopilot” show train capacity, and started vehicle driver in some cases – technology, advanced safety features and Driver assistance, but it allows the driver if necessary.

They also provide for driving through the use of computing power to increase the interaction between the private cars and to improve the number of sensors in the vehicle to reduce the number of accidents in intersections and allows limited changes and the highway exit of the semi-autonomous and autonomous way.

And the advent of cloud-vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure, contributing to more and energy efficiency for vehicles to recommend alternative transport in case of congestion is inevitable, and parking in front, reserve your destination.

Ford said at the conference of mobility: .. “The car is a mobile platform for communication and as such an opportunity, which is a huge untapped for the telecommunications sector Well, there are a billion devices IT in the form of individual vehicles on the streets, you are essentially independent and network. “

He continued: “We will always enjoy the car as a sensor rotating collection to reduce congestion and prevent accidents, I am sure that we will see significant progress on the road during the interim period, because the first versions are already trying to plan and. Most cases “.

Long-term plans require a transport very different landscape, where pedestrians, bicycle, car, commercial transportation and public transport will be integrated into a single connected network to save time, conserve resources, reduce emissions and security will increase.

These include intelligent vehicles capable of fully autonomous navigation, an increase of “autopilot”, the operating time and the arrival of autonomous functions and has parking and storage of vehicles valet companies. Sure, there may be many changes in the horizon of art. Good to see that one of the most innovative American automakers are in the foreground, to the creation of a new global standard that could make driving safer, more effective and more enjoyable for everyone.

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