It Is The BMW Power


And “responsibility for our collective and individual … to preserve and care for the environment we live in – Dalai Lama

BMW cars are always more than just a machine. They are something like a boxcutter Switzerland; great with any treatment every way necessary tools worked. The BMW is a machine built for this purpose that you use, such as Robot Man shirts, a technically advanced such; You must be a genius to understand all the subtleties of his there. For this potential to appreciate and understand why BMW have their cars this way; all you need to do is a car.

With the world spirals into the abyss of climate change and the future of oil is as safe as the next film role Lindsey Lohan, everyone turned greener vehicles. Hybrid and electric cars are not the most popular toy, but it was a necessary and important step in terms of freedom of oil. After being limited by poor technology and a large number of microscopic electric cars reborn as an alternative to the joy of a combustion engine. BMW not only has a new car, but the full range of connected cars. BMW i8 Concept is one of the first group of vehicles produced by BMW i, the new sub-brand for the marketing of low-emission (green) of the vehicle.

With i8, BMW plans Roadster convertible version called i8 Spyder and a small electric sedan called i3 present. I8 hybrid electric vehicle designed to combine sportiness of a BMW car with regular consumption of a small car. This project has a new BMW Vision Efficient Dynamic Concept combines a plug-in hybrid, the electric motor has changed the innovative i3 Concept system. Mounted on the front wheels with high performance combustion engine mounted at the rear with the three electric motor cylinders to extend the range. The machine, as an edge generator and BMW promises a 0-62 mph acceleration in less than five seconds, with an estimated 86MPG.

bmw is electric 30This configuration of the torque wrench is an acceleration stop and emits continuously. Based on the extremely powerful lithium-Technology cells with an integrated liquid cooling system of an optimal operating temperature. The car can be charged by an internal power supply system, and can take more than 20 miles on a battery. This is called LifeDrive architecture is known and is essentially a heavy car design layers effective approach. The bottom layer is a part of a unit that contains the picture, several batteries, engine, suspension, steering and brakes. The top layer is a part of life, which is the cell passenger fiber reinforced plastic with carbon fibers. This is the first time that the carbon fiber grown in mass-market vehicles, here and in the United States. Two annexes only four screws and industrial adhesive class. With this configuration, the BMW promises low center of gravity a 50/50 division of ideal weight and handling.

I8 incredibly beautiful, with curved lines and flat silhouette. It has a large clear glass (though I doubt the production version remains unchanged), with doors that swing upwards like wings. This car sculptures and organic, unique kinetic wedge and fly forward. Seen from the front, the BMW car has a typical design elements in cooperation with two U-shaped configurations full LED. There are also semi-transparent black V increases the hood and provides a glimpse into the life of carbon and electric motor fiber cells. On the back there is a point in three-dimensional air and a large rear diffuser and rear lights “floating” with lamps that meet the horseshoe. Both headlights and taillights wrist, like a monster futuristic heart and impressive effects.

The i8 is one large transparent surfaces in the doors and the roof to provide each part of the machine, the appearance of joint fusion. The interior is finished in a finished project layered with white porcelain support structure, black technical level and comfort section with Mocha Brown. The effect is modern and fun at the same time, the center console and the instrument panel and free from excessive buttons and switches. The instrumentation consists of a large screen with high resolution three-dimensional information. There is also a screen mounted information center of free-standing. I8 should be awarded about $ $ 122,000. Production is expected to begin around 2014

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