Lotus Esprit Sport 350 Sport Car

download (8)A review of Lotus Esprit Sport 350 sports cars, the development, including the essential characteristics and features of the twenty-sixth track model in Lotus.

In this article I offer a nostalgic look at the Lotus Esprit Sport 350, an elite group of cars that was produced in 1999

Esprit Sport 350 was presented in 1999 at the NEC Birmingham Motor Show.

It was an attempt, sport slopes 300 and the Esprit V8, with its Lotus 918, 3.5-liter, V8 twin-turbo to drive, with a Garrett T25 Turbo develops and multipoint injection.

He has a 0-60 mph time of 4.3 seconds 0-100 mph time of 9.9 seconds and a top speed of 175 mph.

With changes to the engine management system, the couple can be increased from the lower end.

He was the most aggressive Esprit supercar, the second way is for the road.

Sports name 350 came as no surprise that the engine develops 350 hp.

But with the advent of stricter emissions regulations in the US, while Lotus’ that can be achieved is limited in terms of performance, the Sport 350. Now Esprit is in his twilight years.

The real advantage of the machine is driven from the race suspension, magnesium wider wheels, better brakes, rear wing carbon fiber and a sporty interior with bucket seats light.

Although Lotus seeks an edition of only 50 units to the exclusive model in the end only 47 were actually built condition.

Furthermore, the bottom of the windscreen and the center of the aluminum surface mounted edition of the panel, while the blue cam replaced red coating as follows.

Surprisingly, with all the power in the press, there was never equipped with a limited slip differential.

Externally different variants Esprit V8 SE and GT in 1998, as follows:

A new front-end style
Large carbon fiber rear wing assembly supported by aluminum brackets
Silver special paint for the body
A silver grid at the bottom of the body openings
Even deeper, touching down front spoiler near the ground
Both front and side air vents are highlighted in blue
Big placed Emblem “Sport 350” strategically on each door and roof
When installing wheels OZ Racing Chrono magnesium, this will improve your grip and help reduce weight.

In addition, alloy wheels five-rays as a mild form is known, you can buy.

The increased stiffness machine improved by the addition of suspension and more rigid.

It was equipped with anti-lock Kelsey Hayes.

Furthermore, in order to increase the braking force, the other two sections, 320 mm, disc brakes which competes AP, which has been pierced and vented.

For those who need a more definitive sound engine, an optional sports exhaust.

The bridge is made entirely from carbon fiber to reduce weight.

Now, the overall weight has been reduced by about 80 kg Esprit Sport 350 is the best performance to date, at a price, a fraction less than £ 65,000 is.

This weight reduction contributes to the fact that it is the first to break down the barriers Esprit 10 seconds 0-100 mph.

350 sports a beautiful sports car is considered, in many places, such as faster and better Esprit ever built.

This marks the end of the Lotus Esprit Sport 350

Perhaps this is last to respond walk, or at least explain, may be the question:

Lotus sports car is your favorite?

However, if this question remains unanswered, I will check in detail in a later article on this site, the full range of Lotus sports cars were displayed in memory spanning the era from 1952 to 1996.

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