Mercedes SLS – Electric Supercar

2014-mercedes-benz-sls-amg-electric-drive-photos-and-info-news-car-and-driver-photo-477089-s-450x274Mercedes produces high-performance cars for many years, which is a very nice performance cars. When the high performance car Mercedes was not enough, Mercedes AMG brand the agreement, which produces a very consistent with the name, and in some cased racetracks oriented sports cars based on the current range of Mercedes models.

Mercedes to an innovative brand has dared electricity using Tesla platform. The new version of the Mercedes SLS is an electric vehicle, able to operate an electric supercar?


Mercedes has developed a unique state of the basic electric car sports car Mercedes SLS art. While the “normal” Mercedes SLS AMG develops 583 hp 6.2-liter V8 engine, Mercedes E – SLS develops 751 hp, while the electric motor delivers torque available from the state, the great difference in performance even more important.

Mercedes SLS AMG Mercedes claims 0-100 kph (0-62 mph) is 3.7 seconds, while the Mercedes E electric – SLS accelerates at the same speed in 3.9 seconds, which does not sound like a big difference compared to the available power, but you must remember that Mercedes – SLS weight of 500 kg more than the standard model, which put the number in perspective.

It has a powerful electric motor, enabling the delivery of instantaneous power, exceeding Mercedes E – SLS Brunt and produces extreme performance. Unfortunately, enjoying direct electrical high availability and performance at a price, the battery consumption is very fast and takes about 20 hours to recharge.


With the demands of the constantly changing regulations, emission standards, by pressure on cars to reduce fuel consumption, engine size, engine power and engine noise, it seems that days of high-performance supercar is to end.

The latest innovation in the development of the electric motor and highly efficient electric battery power, change the game. Tesla has shown that an electric car that is sporty Tesla Roadster, and the addition of Tesla Model S, an electric platform powerful to do the job.

Mercedes wants to see an electric supercar with Mercedes E – SLS, and have done, unique features, performance and ease of use (if more than a little “tight), shows that there is still a supercar available for a decent price, in this case, $ 200,000.

New technology shows that high performance cars will not disappear that form the market. As long as there is a demand for high performance-oriented vehicles and dedicated race cars, it will be a response technology.

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