Pajero Sport Car Rivals

2013-Mitsubishi-Pajero-Sport-SUV-Limited-Edition-2Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Challenger or automatic (AT) with a variety of interesting features. In this article we will discuss the most important of them and also tell you these properties compared to the properties of the cars role models rivals.

Mitsubishi has a new vehicle is to provide strong competition to drive rivals like Hyundai, Toyota and Ford. The vehicles will be fiercely competitive automatic models with two wheels of the Hyundai Santa Fe, Ford Endeavor and, last but not least, the Toyota Fortuner.

Let’s start the discussion and provides all the power of these cars. The automatic version of the Shogun Sport comes with a diesel engine of 2,5 liters. It has the capability of delivering 176 hp. The generated torque is also very impressive at 35.69 kgm. Vehicle Hyundai Santa Fe, which is considered one of the rival establishment Mitsubishi should be a diesel engine of 2.2 liters.

download (10)It is true that both Ford and Toyota Fortuner Endeavour is powered by a larger 3.0-liter, but their factory can produce 154 horsepower and 169 CV alone. This makes automated new motor vehicle launched by Mitsubishi stronger than that produced by two competing groups.

Torque produced by motor vehicles Ford and the creation of Toyota certainly a little more automatic torque generated Pajero Sport. However, this should not be marked on the machine as the main feature of the winners and look at the control specification is the amount of engine power can produce.

Mitsubishi also create new competition with all its competitors in terms of transfer. Such as Ford and Toyota car, and brings an automatic 5-speed transmission, which is quite impressive.

Several other important features of Mitsubishi vehicles are inside. The car was made even more special with a renovated interior. Automakers have taken as a vehicle component, such as an inverse function of parking, navigation system, a DVD player, a condenser and a host of other services.

While the above functions are some additions to treatment, there are many features that Mitsubishi decided to remain intact. Above the engine data is definitely one of them. The vehicle’s fuel consumption is also the same as manual partners. These two vehicles are capable of providing the user with a fuel consumption of 12.1 km / liter.

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