Sports Car Ferrari 458 Spider Italiano

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Ferrari 458 Spider Italy – A first look at this performance sports car, technical data, characteristics, comparing rival, the story that will be used, prices

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The Car

458 Spider sports car, which is also known as the Ferrari 458 Spider Italy, presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011, and the price of $ 257,000.

It is a convertible version of the 458 Italian and shows only a retractable hardtop.

It is basically a roadster, the traditional roof replaced automatically powered hardtop, made of aluminum, which remained at 14 seconds, long before the engine compartment made, and without affecting the car’s aerodynamics. Drag coefficient remained at 0.33.

The engine cover of the 458 Italia has been changed to include this new system that actually weighs 25 kg less than a bonnet that is used in the F430 Spider.

Another advantage is that the extra space created behind the seat for the storage of luggage, etc.

Externally, the sports car is very similar to the coupe version, the front unchanged, while the rear section gets smaller cosmetic procedures to maximize the flow of air to the engine coolant channels and oil cooler.

Another novelty is that the 458 Spider is equipped with a large, operated windshield electrically, designed to slow down and the flow of air to the cabin, so that the conversation between the occupants will not be affected even at high speeds eliminate.

Spider weighed £ 3153 a little “heavier than £ 3.042 from 458 Italian.

It is made of aluminum in an aluminum frame which is reinforced to support additional costs to resist removal of the roof.

First, the rear wheels of 20-inch wheels and carbon ventilated and perforated ceramic brake disks.

There FLIGHT switch mounted rotary knob controlled limited slip differential (E-Diff), traction control (F1-Trac), ABS, damping and transmission response, all activated electronically.


458 Spider is powered by the same V8 engine 4.5 liters with direct injection, as used in the new 458 Italia.

It produces the same 0-60 mph time of 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 3 mph slower than 199 mph.

He had a large 12.5: 1 compression, and use F1-style Getrag seven-speed paddle shift dual-clutch.

Spider produced 570 hp at 9000 rpm (red line) and 398 ft / lbs of torque at 6000 rpm, with depressed to 3250 revolutions per minute.

Fuel economy is 21 mpg. Specifications:


Typical of competition from the Ferrari 458 Spider is an Italian sports car is this: Audi R8 GT Spider and Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster. Ferrari Performance:


The Ferrari 458 Spider Italy in good condition can take up to $ 300,000 for the command can, for example, in the exhibition space of up to $ 525,000.

Another Ferrari supercar.

This marks the end of my review of the Italian sports car Ferrari 458 Spider.

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