The New Aston Martin DB9 For The Lap Of Luxury

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Aston Martin DB9 here long, but now offers all new features and shows a complete change. It seems that the British automaker has made every effort to maintain customer interest. The new DB9 is built like a stronger version and is in a series of updates, it is breathtaking supported internally and externally.

In order that the machine is the same 5.9 liter-V12, which more than Aston model is common in recent years. However, this new model is able to produce more energy – typically increased by 30 to 540 hp, the torque does not change, is the same R $ 457 feet. As claimed by the manufacturer, the DB9 GT model can do 0-62 mph in just 4.5 seconds and can reach a top speed of 183 mph. Automatic six-speed transmission sends power to the rear wheels, and provides manual control of the shift-by-wire electronics.

Besides the extra power DB9 improvisation has a little more power calculation in the form of an infotainment system touch screen AMI II Aston. This feature was removed in the setup menu and Vanquish with easy to use magazine as the car.

British luxury car maker also said internal functions such as text messaging to hands free system, the wallpaper theme itself and vehicle status information. This package users also get Bluetooth audio streaming.

The exterior, however, has only a few changes can still factors are characterized by a number of specific style modeling. It has an anodized calipers black, alloy wheels of 10-spoke, improvised lights and taillights, rear diffuser and front splitter black. Small changes really make it look more like a DB9 GT is based on Virage.

You have a number of ways to personalize your new DB9 with options as diverse interior materials, trim fiber, addressing two options – one designed to look like the Aston One-77 supercar looks, and another comes in Alcantara. You will also have some standard features like dual front stability control system, full-length side curtain, double-sided and side airbags and traction and braking force distribution.

Super models are ordered and lets you enjoy the luxurious ride of your life. You can choose DB9 coupe and convertible to promote style and offer a sense of luxury that Aston Martin is known.

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