TVR Tamora Sports Car


A review of sports cars TVR Tamora, development, important features and technical specifications of these classic car covers

From classic to modern

In 2002, launched the sports cars TVR Tamora, a convertible two-seater was introduced to cover the space left by Griffith and Chimaera, which have now been suspended.

It was marketed as an entry-level model in the range of TVR with a price of £ 43,460, and was powered by its own 3.6-liter, double overhead cam head, straight 6-cylinder engine speed Six.

Equipped with a gearbox five-speed, it was a bit out of the air and develops 350 hp at 7200 rpm and 290 lb / ft of torque at 5500 rpm.

Product at a top speed of 175 mph, with a 0-60 mph time of 4.2 seconds, a 0-100 mph time of 9.1 seconds and a quarter mile time of 12.5 seconds in the foot .

The all-alloy engine used four valves per cylinder, and had fully tweaked engine management system. He had a 58/42 weight distibution.

It was equipped with a tubular steel frame, and some of its features include:

It features a limited slip differential BTR
Front disc brakes 12 inch, 11.1 inch rear and AP Racing brake calipers
Independent suspension with coil springs and stabilizers, which gave a tour operator
Assisted steering and central locking
16-inch wheels as standard
No traction control, ABS, airbags or
Windows with the electric motor, the release start, doors and windows
Alarm and immobilizer
Tinted windows and a removable stereo
Product detector ice, a flashing lamp
Doors via a button under the side mirrors is open
The body was made of glass fibers
It was simple mohair hood folding, one-piece with a removable Targa roof panel-style that can be easily stowed in the trunk and that, once taken, the rest of the hood is folded flat in itself.

The Tamora presents an interesting scenario, because it offers supercar performance for the cost of a Mazda MX-fifth

There was plenty of room in the trunk for some luggage, and leather seats.

Typical of his predecessors, the engine tends to substantially warm the cabin when it is controlled, but this has been met by the presence of air conditioning.

The height of the floor was rather low, which means that the front spoiler tends to come into contact with the road surface.

The Tamora was seen as a direct competitor to the Porsche Boxter S, BMW M and Mercedes SLK 32 AMG.

Inside, there was a lot of space, and the seat position was found by moving the steering wheel, while the pedal position can be changed by adjustment with a wrench.

Unlike some of his predecessors, which uses a button to start the engine, Tamora was a start button.

There was a much needed option and the leather interior air conditioning.

At launch, as some die TVR Tamora so bad, and as it turned out, by time, was abandoned in 2006, has not been the most popular model in terms of sales.

Many traders believe that for an entry-level model, was too expensive to discourage newcomers.

This marks the end of my sports car TVR Tamora Review

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