Why Unnecessary Car Idling Kills It Slowly

Slow-DownWhile stopped at a red light, you should be aware that if the race is too much, some people change their car’s engine and sat in silence. No, I’m not stupid! They actually provide a better life for their cars. Unnecessary idling car slowly killing without you knowing it!

Any auto-load?

In simple terms, the engine is minimal at the minimum speed of the car, or at least able to manage to squeeze out of the car without the gas pedal.

Under normal conditions, it is smarter to shut off the engine and save fuel when the car is stationary.

Because they do not need to be harmful to a minimum?

When the car is in neutral, the engine does not actually move anything, but the engine idles itself runs to get up to speed when changing gear and step on the gas.

Minimum car puts modern fuel injection system pressure in today’s cars. minimum applied in cold or hot weather, when the fuel injection is not uncommon in older cars. To keep the engine from stalling, people used to keep running or may not be activated.

But today, there is no need to do so! At least you do on the fuel consumption of the car today and valuable fuel residue from the cylinder wall is attached to it, because the cylinder is not moving as quickly as usual. This contamination of the engine oil with carbon residue and makes the interior of your car is dirty.

This is why the candles you fail suddenly and the car increases fuel consumption because it gets less air into the cylinder.

Why not at least be repeated?

This is a trick of the past! Now, the car reaches the optimum temperature in the first minute and continued cooling in perfect condition, so no need to keep going.

If you drive more on the way, low speed without results, but in a jam, we tend to be a lot minimum, which puts great heat in the machine. The best thing to do is to look at the street signs timer and turn off the car properly and keep the car in neutral and offers a car from a few RPM more so that at least does not happen much.

indexTurn off the engine to save fuel as well! more fuel that can help you spend some extra distance. Why waste on a road sign or wait for someone to come?

If you really need a car to keep it running with the air conditioning in the summer, it will continue to provide a tour of the car so that the engine works better and the oil circulating in the engine. Because India is a country that is very humid, conditioning is always active, but try to use less often because it puts pressure on automobile parts and you want to extend the life of your car is not it?

be smart and save fuel. Remember, minimizing the worst way to empty your pockets!

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